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Combustion and Explosion. Vol.  9, No. 1


Vol. 9 No. 1 Year 2016 Editor-in-Chief and Chair of Editorial Council Professor S. M. Frolov

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1. Self-ignition in gas vortices
A. A. Borisov, V. A. Smetanuk, K. Ya. Troshin, and I. O. Shamshin
P. 4-13

2. Influence of near-wall effects on the results of induction time measurement in H2/O2/Ar gas mixture in shock tubes of different roughness
O. G. Penyazkov and A. V. Skilandz
P. 14-20

3. Inhibition of combustion and explosion of methane–air mixtures in the presence of coal dust
V.M. Prokopenko, S. K. Abramov, and V. V. Azatyan
P. 21-27

4. ╩inetic nature of blue flames of isooctane self-ignition by compression
V. Ya. Basevich, A. A. Belyaev, F. S. Frolov, and S. M. Frolov
P. 28-34

5. Thermometry of a diffusion flame of decane by CARS spectroscopy
V. D. Kobtsev, S. A. Kostritsa, V. V. Smirnov, A. M. Starik, O. M. Stel’makh, and A. A. Tumanov
P. 35-42

6. Effect of turbulence on the mean rate of chemical transformations: Review
S. M. Frolov
P. 43-58

7. Numerical investigations of possibilities of mixture formation and combustion processes improvement in cylinder of a high-speed diesel engine
S. S. Sergeev
P. 59-66

8. A numerical study of enhanced autoignition in HCCI hydrogen fuelled engine
G. L. Agafonov, P. A. Vlasov, A. M. Tereza, and O. B. Ryabikov
P. 67-73

9. Homogeneous pyrolysis of isopentane under pulsed adiabatic compression
I. V. Bilera and N. N. Buravtsev
P. 74-82

10. Production of olefins by conjugated oxidation of light hydrocarbons
N. M. Poghosyan, M. Dj. Poghosyan, O. V. Shapovalova, A. V. Nikitin, L. N. Strekova, and V. S. Arutyunov
P. 83-90

11. Hydrogen production in reaction of aluminum with water at activation by copper
V. M. Nikolaev and V. M. Shmelev
P. 91-97

12. Thermal decomposition of monocyclic nitropyrazoles
A. N. Pivkina, A. A. Bragin, N. V. Muravyev, K. A. Monogarov, O. S. Gryzlova, T. K. Shkineva, and I. L. Dalinger
P. 98-108

13. Thermal decomposition of cyanuric triazide
V. V. Nedelko, B. L. Korsunskiy, T. S. Larikova, S. V. Chapyshev, N. V. Chukanov, and Y. Shu
P. 109-117

14. Computer simulation of thermochemical and explosive characteristics for ammonium salts of tetrazol-furazanes and tetrazol-furoxanes derivatives
D. V. Khakimov and T. S. Pivina
P. 118-124

15. Low velocity detonation in cast composite rocket propellants
A. A. Sulimov and B. S. Ermolaev
P. 125-130

16. Detonation of the mixtures of nanoscale aluminum with ammonium perchlorate
└. A. Shevchenko, A. Yu. Dolgoborodov, V. G. Kirilenko, and M. A. Brazhnikov
P. 131-138

17. Method of estimation of sensitivity indicators for solid high explosives to impact. I. Individual high explosives
A. V. Dubovik
P. 139-143

18. Acceleration ability of aluminized explosive compositions
M. N. Makhov
P. 144-149


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