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Combustion and Explosion. Vol.  8, No. 2


Vol. 8 No. 2 Year 2015 Editor-in-Chief and Chair of Editorial Council Professor S. M. Frolov

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1. Dynamics and temperature of combustion of wood dust — air mixture in a quartz tube.
V. N. Mironov, O. G. Penyazkov, and K. N. Kasparov
p. 5-12

2. Evaluation of aftercooler performance for ground tests of rocket engines for orbital boosters.
F. S. Frolov, S. M. Frolov, V. S. Posvyanskii, and I. V. Semenov
p. 13-25

3. On the problem of modeling the heat exchange of condensed combustion products of solid propellant with a cooling wall.
I. V. Semenov, D.A. Sidorenko, and S. M. Frolov
p. 26-37

4. On correctness of the Cauchy problem for two-velocity two-phase viscous flow.
R.R. Tukhvatullina
p. 38-44

5. Numerical modeling of the impact of shock wave on bubbly environment.
K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. A. Borisov, R. R. Tukhvatullina, S. M. Frolov,
and F. S. Frolov
p. 45-55

6. Numerical simulation of the momentum transfer from the shock waves to the bubble media.
K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. A. Borisov, R. R. Tukhvatullina, S. M. Frolov,
and F. S. Frolov
p. 57-67

7. The shock wave of underwater nuclear explosion.
N. M. Kuznetsov
p. 68-77

8. Initiation of detonation in heterogeneous mixtures in a small-size tube at rising temperatures.
M. S. Assad, O. G. Penyazkov, and K. L. Sevrouk
p. 78-84

9. Detonation control of the metal surface plasma modification.
N. Ya. Vasilik, Yu. N. Tyurin, O. V. Kolisnichenko, M. G. Kovaleva, M. S. Prozorova, and M. Yu. Arseenko
p. 85-93

10. Physics of combustion of mechanical activated compositions with titanium—boron—fluorineplast content.
A. A. Zenin, V.A. Kluyev, Y. P. Toporov, A. I. Malkin, and S. V. Finjakov
p. 94-98

11. Deformation-heat explosion in reactive medium.
A. V. Dubovik and A. A. Matveev
p. 99-104

12. Molecular dynamics simulation of crystal melting aluminum at high pressures.
S. A. Gubin, I. V. Maklashova, A. A. Selezenev, S. A. Kozlova, and T. S. Demidenko
p. 105-112

13. Nonstationary burning in the plane.
B. V. Lidskiy, G.A. Mkhitaryan, B. V. Novozhilov, A. V. Poluyan, and V. S. Posvyanskii
p. 113-120

14. Theoretical models of hotspot-pulsed combustion of double-base propellants and experiment.
V. N. Marshakov and B. V. Novozhilov
p. 121-137

15. Effect of iron and boron powders on combustion of heterogeneous condensed systems.
A. G. Korotkikh, V. A. Arkhipov, O. G. Glotov, V. E. Zarko, and R. A. Yusupov
p. 129-137

16. Pulsed mode of combustion of subsurface layer in homogeneous energetic materials.
V. G. Krupkin and G. N. Mokhin
p. 138-146

17. Investigation of hydrazinium dinitramide combustion.
S. V. Chuiko, G. V. Nechai, and V. I. Schitikova
p. 147-150

18. Features of low-velocity detonation of grained single-base propellants.
S. Ermolaev, V. A. F. Martynyuk, and A. A. Belyaev
p. 151-159

19. Kinetic and thermochemical properties of trinitromethyl derivatives of 1,3,5-triazine.
V. V. Nedelko, A. V. Shastin, T. S. Kon’kova, E.A. Miroshnichenko, V. V. Zakharov, N. V. Chukanov, T. S. Larikova, D. B. Lempert, Yu. N. Matyushin, and B. L. Korsunskiy
p. 160-169

20. Energies of chemical bonds and reorganization of free radicals.
E.A. Miroshnichenko, T. S. Kon’kova, Yu. N. Matyushin, and A. A. Berlin
p. 170 -174

21. Energies of salt formation for heterocycles.
T. S. Kon’kova, E.A. Miroshnichenko, Yu. N. Matyushin, A. B. Vorob’ev, J. O. Inozemtsev, I. L. Dalinger, T. K. Shkineva, and S. A. Shevelev
p. 175-185

22. Dihydroxylammonium 5,5/-bistetrazole-1,1/-diolate (TKX-50): Breakthrough or an error?
V. P. Sinditskii, S. A. Filatov, V. I. Kolesov, K. O. Kapranov, A. O. Suprun, A. F. Asachenko, P. B. Dzhevakov, M.A. Topchiy, M. S. Nechaev, V. V. Lunin, and N. I. Shishov
p. 186-194

23. Thermal decomposition of triazolo- and tetrazoloterazines.
V. P. Sinditskii, A. V. Burzhava, G. F. Rudakov, and D. A. Zacharova
p. 195-202

24. Thermal stability of energetic materials: High-pressure differential scanning calorimetry study.
K. A. Monogarov, N. V. Muravyev, A. A. Bragin, A. N. Pivkina, Yu. V. Frolov, and A. A. Gromov
p. 203-210

25. Study of boron particles agglomeration during combustion of high-energy composition.
D. B. Meerov, K. A. Monogarov, A. A. Bragin, Yu. V. Frolov, A. N. Pivkina, N. I. Shishov, and T. A. Bestuzheva
p. 211-217

26. Features of spin combustion of gasless systems.
K. L. Klimenok and S. A. Rashkovkiy
p. 218-225

27. Mechanism of initiation of particles in propagation of combustion and detonation at low-density mechanically activated powder mixtures.
S. A. Rashkovkiy and A. Yu. Dolgoborodov
p. 226-233

28. Convective burning of fine-dispersed mixtures of ammonium nitrate and aluminum in a closed-volume bomb.
B. S. Ermolaev, V. G. Khudaverdiev, and A. A. Belyaev
p. 234-241

29. Detonation of pressed charges of ammonum pertchlorate and aluminum mechanoactivated mixtures.
A. Yu. Dolgoborodov, A. A. Shevchenko, V. G. Kirilenko, and M. A. Brazhnikov
p. 242-249

30. Laser initiation of energetic complex compounds of some metals.
V. Melik-Gaykazov, G. P. Kuznetsov, and I. G. Assovskiy
p. 250-255

31. Heat of explosion and acceleration ability of mixtures of high explosives with titanium and titanium hydride.
M. N. Makhov
p. 256-262

32. Synthesis, characteristics, and laws of combustion of cyclic nitramines containing ethylenedinitramine group.
N. F. Pyatakov and I. B. Vyunova
p. 263-269

33. Combustion of porous samples of nanosized aluminum in air at atmospheric pressure.
E. M. Popenko, A. A. Gromov, K. A. Monogarov, N. V. Muravyev, and A. A. Bragin
p. 270-275


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