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Combustion and Explosion. Vol. 14, No.4

Vol. 14 No. 4 Year 2021
136 pages

Editor-in-Chief S. M. Frolov

In this issue:

1. Specific features of numerical simulation of lean hydrogen-air mixture ignition
A. M. Tereza, G. L. Agafonov, E. K. Anderzhanov, S. P. Medvedev, and S. V. Khomik
P. 4-13

2. Development of hydrogen-air flame instability in an open channel
I. S. Yakovenko, I. S. Medvedkov, and A. D. Kiverin
P. 14-19

3. Investigation of the effect of dimethylether addition on the kinetics of soot formation in a standard premixed ethylene/air flat laminar flame
E. V. Gurentsov, A. V. Drakon, A. V. Eremin, R. N. Kolotushkin, and E. S. Khodyko
P. 20-29

4. Study of the kinetics of high-temperature oxidation of tetrahydrofuran behind shock waves by atomic resonance absorption spectroscopy
N. S. Bystrov, A. V. Emelianov, A. V. Eremin, and P. I. Yatsenko
P. 30-45

5. On the influence of pressure and heterogeneous processes on pyrolysis and oxidative cracking of light alkanes
A. S. Palankoeva, Ya. S. Zimin, M. G. Bryukov, A. A. Belyaev, and V. S. Arutyunov
P. 46-54

6. Search for determining physical factors in validation calculations of the ONERA LAPCAT II experimental model taking into account the duct wall roughness
V. A. Sabelnikov, A. I. Troshin, S. Bakhne, S. S. Molev, and V. V. Vlasenko
P. 55-67

7. Computational modeling of flow in a low-emission combustion chamber of CIAM with a large recirculation zone behind a conical flame holder
M. V. Drobysh, A. N. Dubovitsky, A. B. Lebedev, E. D. Sverdlov, and K. Ya. Yakubovsky
P. 68-81

8. Application of four-component kerosene surrogate for modeling ignition and combustion of aviation fuel vapors in mixtures with air
. . Savel'ev, V. . Savelieva, N. S. Titova, S. A. Torokhov, and V. . Kozlov
P. 82-90

9. Energy and structural characteristics for the initial stage of self-ignition of triethylaluminum in air
A. A. Kroupnov and M. Ju. Pogosbekian
P. 91-95

10. New technologies for the energy use of biomass
V. M. Zaichenko, N. M. Kortsenshteyn, V. A. Lavrenov, G. A. Sytchev, A. A. Cherniavsky, and A. L. Shevchenko
P. 96-103

11. Prediction of the crystal structure and estimation of physicochemical characteristics of cocrystals of benzotrifuroxan with nitrobenzene
N. M. Baraboshkin, D. V. Khakimov, V. P. Zelenov, A. S. Smirnov, and T. S. Pivina
P. 104-111

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P. 128-131

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P. 135-136


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