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Combustion and Explosion. Vol. 13, No.2

Vol. 13 No. 2 Year 2020
156 pages

Editor-in-Chief S. M. Frolov

In this issue:

1. Closing knowledge gaps and technological bottlenecks in hydrogen safety: A snapshot of recent activities at Ulster University
V. Molkov
P. 3-9

2. One-dimensional model of combustion of methane-air mixture in the slot burner
A. A. Belyaev, V. M. Shmelev, N. Ya. Vasilik, A. A. Zakharov, and V. S. Arutyunov
P. 10-18

3. Infrared burner device on a system of recuperative elements
N. Ya. Vasilik and V. M. Shmelev
P. 19-24

4. Application of planar laser-induced fluorescence for thermometry in swirl combustion chamber
V. M. Dulin, D. K. Sharaborin, R. V. Tolstoguzov, A. S. Lobasov, L. M. Chikishev, and D. M. Markovich
P. 25-35

5. Influence of heat exchange conditions and chemical kinetics on the flow structure in the ONERA LAPCAT II model combustor
V. V. Vlasenko, Wenchao Liu, S. S. Molev, and V. A. Sabelnikov
P. 36-47

6. Detonability of air mixtures of polyethylene pyrolysis products
S. M. Frolov, V. I. Zvegintsev, I. O. Shamshin, M. V. Kazachenko, V. S. Aksenov, I. V. Bilera, and I. V. Semenov
P. 48-61

7. Numerical simulation of the interaction of a sliding shock wave with a layer of particles using Cartesian grid method
D. A. Sidorenko and P. S. Utkin
P. 62-74

8. Combustion wave velocity in a pulsed detonation combustor operating on heptane and on Jet A-1 fuel
M. S. Assad, O. G. Penyazkov, I. I. Chernukho, and Kh. Alhussan
P. 75-79

9. Convective burning and explosion in the mixtures based on ammonium nitrate
B. S. Ermolaev, V. G. Khudaverdiev, A. A. Belyaev, V. E. Khrapovskii, and A. A. Sulimov
P. 80-95

10. Calculation of the delay time of thermal explosion of a mixed energetic material on polybutadiene binder
A. A. Koptelov, I. A. Koptelov, A. A. Matveev, and A. A. Rogozina
P. 96-101

11. Slagging of nozzle throat in a ramjet gas generator
. V. Fedorychev, D. V. Zhesterev, and I. R. Mishkin
P. 102-112

12. Specific heat and enthalpy of saturated hydrocarbons (alkanes) in the ideal gas state
N. M. Kuznetsov and S. M. Frolov
P. 113-117

13. Thermal and caloric equations of state for nitrogen in a wide range of density and temperature: Application to calculation of cryogenic jet injection
N. M. Kuznetsov, S. N. Medvedev, S. M. Frolov, F. S. Frolov, B. Basara, and K. Pachler
P. 118-131

14. Thermochemical properties of mesoionic 1,2,3,4-oxatriazole
T. S. Kon'kova, E. A. Miroshnochenko, Yu. N. Matyushin, A. B. Vorob'ev, Ja. O. Inozemtcev, A. V. Inozemtcev, O. V. Serushkina, and I. L. Dalinger
P. 132-138

Requirements for manuscripts submitted to Journal "Combustion and Explosion"
P. 155-156

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