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Combustion and Explosion. Vol. 12, No.3

Vol. 12 No. 3 Year 2019
190 pages

Editor-in-Chief S. M. Frolov

In this issue:

1. Self-ignition of H2/O2 and H2/O2/CO mixtures behind reflected shock waves
P. A. Vlasov, V. N. Smirnov, O. B. Ryabikov, A. S. Bogatova, and A. R. Akhunyanov
P. 4-13

2. Modeling of self-ignition delays of methane-alkane-air mixtures
A. V. Arutyunov, A. A. Belyaev, A. V. Nikitin, K. Ya. Troshin, and V. S. Arutyunov
P. 14-20

3. Oxycracking and matrix conversion of components of refinery gas to ethylene, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide
A. V. Ozerskii, A. V. Nikitin, I. V. Sedov, I. K. Komarov, Y. S. Zimin, D. N. Gorbunov, V. I. Savchenko, and V. S. Arutyunov
P. 21-27

4. Improving the characteristics of a cylindrical radiant burner by modifying the composition of the fuel mixture
A. S. Maznoy and N. S. Pichugin
P. 28-35

5. Infrared burners with a wire matrix and recuperative elements
N. Ya. Vasilik and V. M. Shmelev
P. 36-41

6. A preliminary study of the dynamics of the transition from a sustainable mode of combustion to a mode of flame flashback in a model low-emission combustor
K. Ya. Yakubovsky, A. B. Lebedev, and P. D. Toktaliev
P. 42-57

7. Combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the volume over the free water surface
S. M. Frolov, S. V. Platonov, K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, V. S. Ivanov, I. A. Sadykov, R. R. Tukhvatullina, F. S. Frolov, and I. O. Shamshin
P. 58-68

8. Numerical simulation of supersonic mixing in a Burrows-Kurkov combustor by using SA-RANS method
R. S. Solomatin and I. V. Semenov
P. 69-77

9. Ranking of gaseous fuel-air mixtures according to their detonability using a standard pulsed detonation tube
S. M. Frolov, I. O. Shamshin, V. S. Aksenov, M. B. Kazachenko, and P. A. Gusev
P. 78-90

10. Kinetic model of oxidation and self-ignition of triethyl aluminum in air
N. M. Kuznetsov, S. M. Frolov, P. A. Storozhenko, and I. O. Shamshin
P. 91-97

11. On improving the efficiency of thermal machines: Promising water-fuel emulsion
Yu. V. Vorobiev, G. S. Baronin, A. V. Dunaev, D. Stavrev, N. V. Voronin, G. P. Kuznetsov, and I. G. Assovskiy
P. 98-107

12. Gasification of low-melting hydrocarbon materials in high-temperature gas flow
V. I. Zvegintsev, A. V. Fedorychev, D. V. Zhesterev, I. R. Mishkin, and S. M. Frolov
P. 108-116

13. On the dispersion of aluminum nanoparticles
P. S. Kuleshov
P. 117-126

14. Stimulated diffusion combustion of magnesium powder in nitrogen atmosphere
V. M. Shmelev, V. G. Krupkin, V. M. Nikolaev, and S. V. Finyakov
P. 127-137

15. Novel rocket propellant based on sorbitol and potassium perchlorate
A. G. Rebeko, B. S. Ermolaev, and V. E. Khrapovskii
P. 138-145

16. Ignition of lead styphnate and azide by continuous laser radiation in near infrared range
V. I. Kolesov, A. N. Konovalov, E. O. Korepanova, V. A. Ul'yanov, and N. V. Yudin
P. 146-154

17. Combustion of thermally coupled granular mixtures (Ni + Al)-(Ti + C)
B. S. Seplyarskii, R. A. Kochetkov, T. G. Lisina, and N. I. Abzalov
P. 155-164

18. Investigation of properties and phase state of helium by the methods of molecular dynamics and thermodynamics
Y. A. Bogdanova, I. V. Maklashova, U. D. Vagina, and V. A. Vysockij
P. 165-171

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