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Combustion and Explosion. Vol. 11, No.4

Vol. 11 No. 4 Year 2018
168 pages

Editor-in-Chief S. M. Frolov

In this issue:

1. Joint experiment "Zarevo'' and equipment of International Space Station for its implementation
O. V. Novitskii, A. V. Peklevskii, S. B. Pichugin, S. M. Frolov, D. Dietrich, and F. A. Williams
P. 3-13

2. Structures and thermochemical properties of phenoxy radicals, formed from components of the surrogate bio-oil
G. A. Poskrebyshev
P. 14-22

3. Specific features of inhibitor consumption while preventing ignition
G. B. Brauer, V. D. Pugachev, and V. V. Azatyan
P. 23-28

4. Modeling of flame propagation in pulverized coal aerosuspension considering devolatilization
K. M. Moiseeva and A. Yu. Krainov
P. 29-35

5. Numerical investigation of the effect of the scheme of air flow in the vortex furnace on gasdynamic parameters of gas flow and combustion characteristics of old sleepers
A. Akhmetshina, G. Pavlov, A. Sabirzyanov, and O. Tikhonov
P. 36-43

6. Detonability of air mixtures of the polypropylene pyrolysis products
S. M. Frolov, V. I. Zvegintsev, V. S. Aksenov, I. V. Bilera, V. V. Kazachenko, I. O. Shamshin, P. A. Gusev, M. S. Belotserkovskaya, and E. V. Koverzanova
P. 44-60

7. On the utilization of kinetic energy of detonation products
V. A. Smetanyuk, S. M. Frolov, P. A. Gusev, A. S. Koval, S. A. Nabatnikov, and M. S. Belotserkovskaya
P. 61-70

8. Peculiarities of the process of ignition of condensed energy material at thermal initiation
V. Marshakov and V. Frost
P. 71-80

9. An example of optimization of the block charge using numerical modeling
B. Ermolaev, . Roman'kov, and A. Sulimov
P. 81-89

10. Energetic properties of derivatives of 1,2,4-triazole
T. S. Kon'kova, Yu. N. Matyushin, E. A. Miroshnichenko, M. N. Makhov, A. B. Vorob'ev, and A. V. Inozemtsev
P. 90-99

11. Sensitivity to impact of mixtures of octogen with ferric oxide
A. V. Dubovik and R. V. Ponafidin
P. 100-105

12. Numerical simulation of gasless combustion of multilayer bimetallic nanofilms
A. Yu. Krainov and D. S. Shults
P. 106-111

13. Nonthermal solvate ignition of processes of organic self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. The role of product crust
E. G. Klimchuk and A. G. Tarasov
P. 112-117

14. Two-fluid model of high-speed impact of metal plates
P. Utkin and S. Fortova
P. 118-124

15. Liquid explosive "Exlid''
M. V. Genkin, T. V. Rozarenova, A. A. Dobrynin, V. V. Lavrov, and A. V. Savchenko
P. 125-129

2018 Author Index
C. 157-163

Requirements for manuscripts submitted to Journal "Combustion and Explosion"
P. 167-168

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