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Combustion and Explosion. Vol. 11, No.3

Vol. 11 No. 3 Year 2018
160 pages

Editor-in-Chief S. M. Frolov

In this issue:

1. Temperature dependency of laminar flame speed for stoichiometric n-decane/air mixture
M. G. Bryukov, S. M. Sergeev, V. A. Kudryashov, and N. V. Petrukhin
P. 4-11

2. Simulation of surface combustion on a flat porous matrix
V. S. Arutyunov, A. A. Belyaev, B. V. Lidskii, A. V. Nikitin, V. S. Posvyanskii, and V. M. Shmelev
P. 12-20

3. Environmental characteristics of cylindrical radiant burners
A. Maznoy, A. Kirdyashkin, A. Guschin, N. Pichugin, and V. Kitler
P. 21-27

4. Numerical evaluation of soot formation control at diesel-like conditions by using surrogate fuels
G. L. Agafonov, P. . Vlasov, O. B. Ryabikov, and V. N. Smirnov
P. 28-36

5. About the limit of exhaust gas recirculation in diesel engines
A. R. Kulchitskiy and Yu. I. Chestnov
P. 37-42

6. Electrical generator of internal combustion
V. Shmelev, A. Zakharov, and V. Arutyunov
P. 43-50

7. Experimental investigation of low-frequency combustion instability modes for lean methane-air mixtures in low-emission combustors without flow swirling
A. N. Dubovitsky, A. B. Lebedev, and E. D. Sverdlov
P. 51-59

8. Numerical and experimental investigation of the lift force created by an artificial gas cavity under the bottom of the boat
S. M. Frolov, S. V. Platonov, K. A. Avdeev, V. S. Aksenov, A. E. Zangiev, I. A. Sadykov, and I. O. Shamshin
P. 60-73

9. Dependence of ignition time of peat on ignition conditions under natural convection of oxidizer
A. Yu. Zaichenko, D. N. Podlesniy, M. V. Salganskaya, M. V. Tsvetkov, E. A. Salgansky, and A. I. Malinouski
P. 74-78

10. Numerical modeling of shock wave-moving cylinder interaction
D. A. Sidorenko and P. S. Utkin
P. 79-86

11. Jet thrust of a pulse detonation combustor during combustion of oxygen-enriched heptane/air mixtures
M. S. Assad, O. G. Penyazkov, and I. I. Chernukho
P. 87-91

12. Pulse detonation thrust module
S. M. Frolov, V. S. Ivanov, V. S. Aksenov, A. E. Zangiev, I. O. Shamshin, and P. A. Gusev
P. 92-102

13. Heating and ignition of pyrotechnic compositions by near-infrared laser radiation
A. K. Dmitriev, V. I. Kolesov, A. N. Konovalov, V. S. Tiurina, V. A. Ul'yanov, and N. V. Yudin
P. 103-109

14. Unusual behavior of bimolecular CL-20 crystals in a thermal wave
V. P. Sinditskii, A. N. Chernyi, S. Yu. Yurova, D. V. Dashko, T. K. Goncharov, A. A. Kozlov, and N. I. Shishov
P. 110-116

15. Mechanoactivated thermite composition Al/CuO
A. Yu. Dolgoborodov, V. G. Kirilenko, A. N. Streletskii, I. V. Kolbanev, . A. Shevchenko, B. D. Yankovskii, S. Yu. Ananev, and G. E. Val'yano
P. 117-124

16. Thermochemical properties of phenylazasidnones
T. S. Kon'kova, E. A. Miroshnichenko, Yu. N. Matyushin, A. B. Vorob'ev, J. O. Inozemtsev, A. V. Inozemtsev, O. V. Serushkina, and I. L. Dalinger
P. 125-129

17. Transverse effects in air gap at explosion of air-decking borehole charge segment
P. V. Komissarov, V. I. Nifadev, V. A. Kovalenko, M. A. Raiymkulov, and S. S. Basakina
P. 130-136

Requirements for manuscripts submitted to Journal "Combustion and Explosion''
C. 159-160

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